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How Can My Content Go Viral?

Viral content is content that’s taken off and spread quickly into the online consciousness. The content is on everyone’s lips, constantly being talked about. And the person or business who created this viral content? Well, they’re almost certainly experiencing a huge boost to their brand and, if a business, selling more products as a consequence.

But how exactly can you create content that goes viral? Well, there’s no set blueprint, but below you’ll find a few ways you can boost your chances of creating a viral hit…

Content is King

The number one rule is simple: you’ve got to produce content that people actually want to read and interact with. A boring, uninspiring video is unlikely to inspire others to share it widely, but something truly interesting, inspiring, or just plain funny has a great chance of circulating widely. So, instead of creating ten poor videos, take your time on just one, producing something that really adds value to someone’s day.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is nearly always best. Don’t come up with some long and convoluted post or a 30-minute video odyssey. Instead, create something short and succinct – after all, people have shorter attention spans than ever nowadays. And don’t use overly complex words or terms – to go viral, you want your content to be understanded by everyone.

Tap into Emotions

Emotions are incredibly powerful. To succeed, your viral campaign needs to tap into the emotions of your audience, whether that’s joy, fear, amusement, or something else. When people feel something, they’re more inclined to share with others. But don’t be predictable or ungenuine – always make sure your content still aligns with your brand.

Concentrate on Video

It’s vital to use a variety of mediums in your social media strategy, but when you want to go viral, it’s best to stick to video. Most people prefer watching videos to reading text, plus you can say a lot more in a video than you can with a single image. 30 seconds to a minute is the sweet spot for video length.

Simple videos are what has driven the popularity of TikTok, and even platforms like Facebook and YouTube have now adopted the trend of pushing short videos to their users.

Use a Call to Action

It’s a tactic as old as copywriting itself, but you’d be amazed at how many people forget a call to action. Many people don’t even consider sharing content with their friends and family members, but that quick nudge could influence them to share. Just saying ‘Share Now’ or ‘Send This to Your Friends’ is enough – remember, with viral content, it’s always best to keep it simple. 

Work with Influencers

One sure fire way to get your content in front of people? Partner with an influencer. And you don’t have to spend millions connecting with Jake Paul or KSI – there are thousands of influencers out there with small, yet still considerable, followings, willing to work with you for a reasonable fee. Just make sure they’re within your niche by asking for audience details before you go ahead with the collaboration.

Use Many Platforms

Finally, you need to attack on all fronts. Don’t just plonk your content on Facebook and then forget about it. Instead, add it to every social media account you have, plus post it to YouTube. That will maximise the number of viewers your content receives. If you’re too busy to post content left, right, and centre, you’ll find plenty of handy pieces of software that do it for you.

Viral Campaigns from Hello Social

The best way to maximise your chances of going viral is simple: work with an experienced social media company – like us! We know what your viewers want and how to give it to them, so get in touch with us today to see how we can help you.