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How to Manage Multiple Social Media Accounts

Remember when it used to be all about Myspace? Well, that time is gone, and businesses now need to spread their focus across several social media platforms. Facebook immediately comes to mind, as does Instagram. But there’s also X, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more.

Staying on top of multiple social media platforms is a challenge for even the experts, so it’s no surprise many businesses turn to Hello Social to run their social media campaigns across all their social media accounts. But if you’re thinking of doing it for yourself, here are a few handy hints to help you along.

Create an Effective Social Media Strategy

You won’t get far unless you create a solid social media strategy first. And before you can set a strategy, you need to identify what your goals are. Are you looking for more followers? Do you want more visitors to your website? Or are you perhaps looking to boost your brand?

Once you’ve identified your goals, you need to work out your target audience, so you can create content aimed at them. You can also use this information to work out which social media platform they’re using and remove some from your list – for example, you probably won’t need to use LinkedIn if you’re a company selling video games to teenagers.

You can then brainstorm the kind of social media content you’re going to create. Will you produce viral videos? Or text posts? Or will you use several content types equally?

Finally, think about the challenges you might face, so you can work towards overcoming them before they arise. Is your target demographic tough to reach? If so, come up with some innovative ways to catch their attention. Or perhaps you have something of a – we hate to say it – boring product? If so, you can research ways others in your industry have added some interest to their social media.

Create Content Efficiently

Now, you need to start creating content. But you don’t want to go live for a couple of months, you say? It doesn’t matter – the sooner you begin creating evergreen content, the better. Ideally, you’ll have a large batch of content ready to go on launch day, so you never run out, even if there’s a lull in content production.

To start, you need to do some research. If you’re in the exercise sphere, you might look to see what brands like Nike and Adidas are doing. Or maybe you’re in the tech space? If so, you could look at the social media output from brands such as PlayStation or Samsung. And if you have no competitors in your niche, get a brief overview of what various companies are doing, so you can trial them all and see which is best for you.

And here’s a good trick to up your content volume: make sure you scour the social media site in question for any mentions of your brand, and then repost them on your profile (providing they’re positive, of course). And if that mention happens to come from a relevant celebrity or influencer? Make sure you spread the word across all social media channels, as well as other marketing routes!

You should also be producing content in response to events – this content will need to be created close to the publication date. Use this type of content as your bread and butter, and fill in gaps with any pre-created content you’ve come up with. You should then always have a steady flow of output on all social media channels.

Use a Social Media Calendar

Managing 5+ social media channels is a confusing experience, especially for the uninitiated. To cope, you absolutely must use a social media calendar. This doesn’t have to be fancy – you can simply create an Excel document showing dates and what to publish on those dates.

You’ll also find several social media management tools out there. But these will cost money to use and aren’t necessary, unless you’re running particularly complex social media campaigns.

Also, you can schedule posts ahead of time to make everything even easier. And that’s what well talk about next… 

Schedule Posts

Scheduling content before time is an invaluable way to stay organised, plus it prevents everything from coming to a standstill if, for example, you have to take a couple of days off work. Facebook, Instagram, and X all allow you to easily schedule posts/tweets, as do TikTok and LinkedIn. You can even schedule videos to go live on YouTube!

You’ll be able to find instructions on how to schedule your content at the specific social media platform. It’s really not difficult – even those newest to the social media world will have it figured out within minutes.

One important point to make: pay attention to what’s going on around the world, to ensure your scheduled posts don’t accidently cause offense after a particular event. Even the most innocuous posts can become offensive or controversial in certain circumstances.

Ensure Smooth Collaboration

Finally, the process of getting content onto social media can be a convoluted process, involving several people. For example, you could have a social media expert thinking of topics, copywriters creating the copy needed, graphic designers creating images, and also photographers and videographers working on content.

To keep everything organised, it’s a good idea to make use of a management tool, such as Monday.com, where different people can be assigned tasks and provide updates on their progress. This can then be viewed by the person in charge of social media, so they’re always appraised of the situation.

Social Media Management from Hello Social

Of course, there’s a far easier option than spending your days managing multiple social media accounts: hire experts to do it for you. We’ve got the experience of managing social media accounts for some of the largest businesses in Dubai and have the team in place to easily coordinate and execute your business’s social media strategy.

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