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Social media done properly

Graphic Design

Graphic design: without it, the world would be a pretty boring place. We’ll use our graphic design skills to glam up your social media game, creating everything from pretty profile pictures to beautiful posts, all designed to ensure all eyes are directly on you.

Video Poster Image
Video Poster Image

Looks Matter

Call us shallow, but we think looks matter. Boring social media posts get lost among the competition, destined to never even be glanced at by users. But add a little sparkle – an eye-catching image, for example – and your views will go through the roof, prompting more interaction and, more importantly, an influx of additional business.

Graphic Design Workflow


Review Design Brief

Your input is vital, so we’ll chat to you before we begin to create a design brief – an indication of exactly what you’re hoping for from the graphic design. Our team of designers will then check out what you’ve got to say and start planning…



Ah, brainstorming. You’ve probably got visions of felt-tip pens and A3 paper, but we’re a little more high-tech than that now. We’ll come together and throw out the ideas we’ve got – everything from the straightforward to the out-of-the-box crazy.


The Creative Bit

Now we start getting down to business and flexing our creative muscles. We’ll use the latest software to create world-class designs, perfectly tailored to suit your business and its audience. And we won’t stop until we’ve come up with something you’ll absolutely love.


Client Feedback

Finally, we present the finished design to you – and we know you’ll love what we’ve created! The design can then be shipped out onto your various social media profiles, ready to drive business and boost your brand.