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Influencer Marketing in Dubai

Love them or loath them, influencers are now some of the most powerful people on the planet. And you can take advantage of this popularity through strategic partnerships. Just one shout-out from an influencer popular with your demographic can send sales skyrocketing, and we’ve got the contacts you need to arrange exceptional influencer collaborations.

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Our Influencer Marketing Agency Focuses on Precisely Targeted Campaigns

Travel, technology, cosmetics – there’s an influencer out there for every industry. So, we’re not just going to pick one randomly to promote your product or service. Instead, we’ll target industry-specific influencers, able to get your goods in front of eyes primed to hit the buy button.

The Workflow of Our Influencer Marketing Agency


Influencer Identification

First things first: the team at our influencer marketing agency in Dubai will identify your exact niche and then go on the hunt for suitable influencers. We’ve got a pretty well-thumbed book of contacts, so it won’t take long to line up someone perfect for the partnership. We’ll then negotiate with them to obtain the best terms possible.


Content Creation

We’ll now work alongside your influencer to create something truly unique, that viewers will remember and share. We’ll also make sure it has a strong hook and call to action, to encourage viewers to hot foot their way to your website and get buying.


Content Rollout

Once we’ve completed the content creation phase, it’s time to rollout your content. We’ll splash it over multiple social media channels to maximise viewership, and we’ll then interact with viewers on your behalf.


And Repeat

When your collaboration with an influencer produces stunning results, the superstar team at our influencer marketing agency aims to rekindle the partnership regularly. Alternatively, we’ll target other influencers who could provide even more impressive results.