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Social media done properly

Social Media Management

Add some strategy to your social media game. We’ll shake-up what you’ve got, adding a more structured approach to social media and standardising your tone of voice and brand across platforms. The result? Social media profiles that drive sales and boost your brand.

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Across All Platforms

Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest – it’s hard to keep track of the plethora of social media platforms now available. And it’s also incredibly time consuming to manage each one. That’s why our clients let us handle the day-to-day, so they can get back to doing what they do best.

Social Media Management Workflow


Create Content Calendar

Effective social media management begins with planning. We’ll get together a content calendar for each platform, detailing post topics and dates. But don’t worry – it’s not set in stone, so we can always shoehorn in additional posts as required.


Content Creation

Now we get down to business and create the kind of content your customers will love. Posts, videos, images – we’ll mix together all medias to ensure your social media doesn’t seem samey and get stale.


Encourage Interaction

Once your content has been published, we’ll be there to interact with commenters, increasing their connection to the brand and, in turn, boosting their chances of spending their money on your goods or services.


Review Analytics

Now for the boring bit. We’ll constantly check the analytics to understand how posts are performing and use what we find to influence our future strategy. We’ll also share results with you, allowing you to remain appraised of your social media campaign’s effectiveness.